About us

EUROLINK Ltd. - is a new company has been established in 2004 with the experienced high-professional managers and creative staff, united with common ideas and team-spirit, open to mutually profitable cooperation.

Aside from whole sale supply of a wide range of household appliances of famous world leading brands as Panasonic, Toshiba, Philips, Sharp, LG Electronics, Pioneer, Yamaha we offer to our clients a service of complex logistic task solutions for delivery of goods. We also offer a warranty repair of selling goods.

EUROLINK has partner relations with many of the wholesale and retail companies in Estonia, CIS, Scandinavia and Western Europe countries. We participate in major tenders for supply of electronics to governmental and private structures, and we always strive to suggest the most advantageous conditions.

Our associated company Panaservice Ltd performs warranty and after warranty repair of sold by our company mechanics, and our technical support service is ready to answer any maintenance question.

Eurolink is always ready for new partner relations and is open for cooperation and new projects in the field of electronics, manufacturing and real estate.

We are a company that keeps its word to customers and partners and invite You for cooperation.

Sincerely yours,

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